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The Daytona Beach and Madeira Beach operations were cancelled recently.

No matter where you are in Florida, there's likely a casino cruise waiting nearby for you. In an attempt to infuse their gambling halls with a bit of class, in an attempt to provide a similar Vegas atmosphere in the beckoning waves of the Atlantic, in an attempt to take advantage of the wonderful climate in which they were situated - many ports along the west and southern coast offer Florida casino cruises. The former Millionaire's Casino which operated out of Savannah, Georgia. Another of the casino cruises in Florida growing in popularity is the Discovery Cruise Line. Residential Miami Real Estate. Best Restaurants in Miami

Located on the Atlantic coast, Miami is a city by the beach, a place for people to let loose, to show off their bodies and to bathe in the scorching Florida. Casino cruises in Florida are especially popular due to their ubiquity throughout the state's ports. The most popular usually disembark from the southern shores. Day cruises from port everglades ft lauderdale florida to Freeport Grand Bahama Islands.

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